History of Consett Q and A – Local Mysteries now Solved!

As part of Building Self-Belief’s series of events about Consett’s heritage, local Historian Brian Harrison agreed to be in the spotlight for our Consett’s History Q and A session. We decided to change the format, and instead of delivering a talk, in advance of the session Brian was sent a series of questions that he had to research in preparation for the evening. What evolved was a lively and engaging event where every single person n the room learnt something new!

Here is a selection of some of the questions.

Are there Roman Settlements in Consett?

Brian was asked about Roman Settlements in Consett. He told a tale of a turn of the 19th to 20th Century event where a new dwelling was being built in Crookhall, Consett. When they dug into the foundations, he believes that a series of mosaics were found. Whereas today, this would trigger an archaeological dig – all that happened was the remains were swept to one side and the new house was built. What a missed opportunity for Consett to be celebrated as a site for Roman history?

Have any Roman Artefacts been found?Brian also brought along a Roman coin, a coin from the era of Antoninus Pius from around 138AD. It was found in a field in Consett. Maybe its time for us all to get our metal detectors out to look for buried Roman treasure in Consett?Should there be Blue Heritage Plaques in Consett?

As part of the session, Brian was also asked about whether there are any blue heritage plaques in Consett. There isn’t – and this led to the discussion about where we would out one if we could. One suggestion was the Barr House on Medomsley Road, believed to have been built in the 1600s and commonly known as the oldest house in Consett. Maybe we need to put more effort into the preservation of our historic buildings and monuments.

Celebrate local Artists!

Another suggestion was a to celebrate the artist, Mary Kipling. Many people have fond memories of visits to Mary’s artist studio where she would entertain the local children. Some of her paintings are in display in Consett Library. She also wrote some books about local folklore. Maybe it is time to celebrate her in a more public way, before her talents get forgotten

How did…

How did Cut Throat Lane – get its name? No one knew on the night! If you know, can you get in touch and help us solve one of Consett’s mysteries.


‘An interesting and enjoyable evening, thanks for organising!’

A Copeland

Securing the Consett Area’s Heritage

If you are interested in preserving the Consett Area’s Heritage. There is a meeting linked to the Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum’s preparation for the Neighbourhood Plan for the area. If you would like to help, there is a meeting on the 7th May, where we will have a full discussion and debate about what we need to preserve form the Consett Area, to ensure the future generations have a full knowledge of Consett’s rich heritage. Go to Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum's Event's page, to book a place.