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Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum was officially formed on January 14th 2024. Our main aim is to work together to create a Consett Area Neighbourhood Plan, to support the improvement of the area for the Consett community. Our aim is to empower the Consett Community and ensure they have a greater input in the development of the town.

The Forum covers the Consett Neighbourhood Area, shown on the map.  The Neighbourhood Area was designated by Durham County Council on 7th November 2023.  A full explanation of the rationale for the decisions can be found in our application to Durham County Council.

Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum Map

Our Vision (Draft)

By 2036 the Consett Neighbourhood Area will have benefited from relevant, sustainable, development - recognising the needs of the locality where vibrant economic growth and the preservation of its distinctive environment go hand in hand. The Consett Area will be a place where the community thrives, welcoming visitors due to our accessible and connected transport systems. Our rich heritage and natural beauty will be  protected and enhanced for future generations. 

CANF Management Committee

The role of the committee is to be more directly involved with the development of the Consett Area Neighbourhood Plan. All members of the Forum were invited to join the committee. The committee was formally voted in on the 14th January 2024. We have endeavoured to include members from across all areas of the town, and each member will be involved in a key area of development.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood planning was introduced by the Government under the Localism Act of 2011. It’s an important and powerful tool that gives communities such as Consett planning powers to help shape development in their areas.  

The main purpose of a neighbourhood plan is to define planning policies and allocations of land for the area.  These planning policies will be used by Durham County Council, in conjunction with the policies in the County Durham Plan when determining planning applications in the area.  A neighbourhood plans can also include community actions which relate to activities and projects that do not require planning permission.  

"Anyone who lives or works in the designated Consett Area can become a forum member. Please join us"

Christine Thomas - Chair

Would you like to register your business, charity or community group with us?

Our aim is to create a comprehensive index of the businesses, charities community activities, sport clubs, leisure activities within the designated Consett Area. 

If you would like to register your business, charity or community group, please complete our online form. The questions in bold is the information that will be included in the index. (This is a FREE service.)

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