Consett’s Shotley Bridge Hospital Project Faces Delays

Consett’s plans for a new community hospital to replace Shotley Bridge Hospital are experiencing delays. Initially projected to open in 2025, a revised timeline for the project is now under consideration. This proposed establishment was part of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s broader objective of inaugurating 40 new hospitals across the UK by 2030.

Durham County Councillor Kevin Earley voiced concerns about the delay, highlighting the anticipation and concerns of the local community. In March, the authority gave its nod to this initiative to alleviate pressure on the University Hospital of North Durham (UHND). The intended features for the new building on Genesis Way include a 16-bed in-patient rehabilitation ward, an urgent treatment centre, an expanded chemotherapy suite, and state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities.

However, even with plans in place and funding allocated, the project’s starting date remains uncertain. Moreover, design modifications are anticipated to manage the project’s costs more effectively.

Jane Curry, the project’s programme manager, commented on the inherent challenges of major construction undertakings and the multitude of factors that can lead to delays. She assured that coordination is ongoing with the new hospitals programme to limit these delays and progress within an adjusted timeline.

While discussions about potential alterations to the original scheme are ongoing, assurances have been made to the Durham community that there won’t be any cuts in services or the number of beds.