Consett neighbourhood forum to establish in New Year

The community of Consett have achieved approval for their neighbourhood forum allowing the community to implement a neighbourhood plan.

Named the Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum, this venture aims to ensure the voices of local people are heard.

The formal establishment of the forum will be celebrated at an event on Sunday, January 14 where there will be a formal voting of committee members. 

An information evening for the forum was hosted on Tuesday, December 19 in Consett, County Durham at The Steel Club to outline the priorities and objectives of the forum as well as to introduce its constitution and to allow those involved to get to know each other.

At the event, everyone was presented with a copy of the forum constitution and a map of the area highlighting the boundaries the forum will cover. Many important local issues were discussed such as housing developments, dangerous roads and a lack of amenities.

Everyone in attendance also received a consultation document which allowed for individual input on the top priorities, with space to share ideas on how members of the public want to be involved.

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